Thursday, August 17, 2017

Inaction Trust or Action

It appears to me that trusting the system is a psychological response to any unusual situation.
This person gets elected to be the president of the country while he had publicly announced racial and religious discriminatory rhetoric, who had not disclosed his financial statements, and whose election was shadowed by lies and spies.
Then some people said "this country has checks and balance" and freeing themselves from any further action.
The other night, I woke up to the sound of what appeared as gun shots.  I called to M and asked him to check into it.  His response was that we would not speculate and went back to sleep in a house filled with kids of a different race and religion in the wake of the recent news.  At that wee hour of night I had to consult the neighborhood social media in order to look for validation that yes, it did sound like gun shots and yes, it was scary, and yes, some people had called the police. Even though most reported that the non emergency line was busy and they could not get through.  Which yet again makes me wonder, had anyone followed up on that?  Because what is the use of a police line if you cannot get through?  Yet I think most of us trusted that it was a one off, or when we really needed them they would respond.
Last night we were awaiting an email from the Middle School to learn which class A was to check into.  It did not arrive until the principle emailed around 10PM apologizing to all in response to several emails she had received from parents who had not received any information.  And neither M or I had emailed them. Trusting that the email would come at last.
Which again, makes me wonder, why didn't we email them?  For me, it was because I had not received the original notice to know that we had to receive that email at all.  Otherwise I had emailed them earlier this month with regards to other due items which were delayed.
Or that I had filled petitions and called to my congress people with regards to political stance as of late.
Or that I had consulted my neighbors of the gun shot sounds.
So I have not been fully trusting the system.  But it causes me anxiety. Hence, it appears that some prefer to trust the system, even blindly, to rid themselves from this anxiety.  Others use the energy built up and take action.

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