Tuesday, August 8, 2017

None Apologetic Working Mom

I have learned to live with myself as a career woman and as a devoted mother.
The proximity to stay at home moms (some of whom may judge the working kinds), the fact that I have three precious children now, the very high demands of my current role as the business leader of a startup company, and the yearning to be with my kids at all times have made me waver in my decision now and then.
I cannot have it all.  No one can.
I wont be "there" all the time.  However, I will be there when needs be.  I can provide for them and help them explore, dream, and achieve.
I was brought up in a gender neutral family.  I was told I could be anyone I wished.  I was told to follow my dreams.  I was groomed to be a strategist and a leader.  I was given room to risk, courage to dare, and wings to fly.
I think I was born to learn, to nurture, to tend, and to lead.  And I will do my best in doing it all and remain content with the positives and not so positives.

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