Monday, July 31, 2017

My Alternative to MBA

OK my dear world!  I need to cancel my pursuit of an MBA degree.
Why you ask?
Because number one, I have no time for it.  Or money.  I have already spent $10,000 on it and don't feel a cent has been added to me or my knowledge.  OK.  If I need a text book on Operations Management I know where to find it.  But that is it.  With three kids and an executive role, a husband, a mother and a few siblings and a slew of darling friends, a $10,000 a cent MBA is off the chart.
Yet, I love to learn.  So here are my substitutes for MBA:

  1. Self Studies - I just read a summary of a book " Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi and watched a YouTube summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck and and reading Strategic Leadership for Turbulent Times by Mark Kriger.  I enjoyed them, I learned something, and I applied my learning too.  Now there is the value.
  2. Mingling with people who are better than me - in any topic.  My mother, VP of another company, Persian Women in Tech meetings, an artist friend, my son the YouTube Wiz.
  3. Certification - a fraction of the cost of an MBA; yet I can pick and choose.  Loved my Biodesign Graduate Certificate at Stanford and Essentials of Management at UC Berkely.
  4. Building an Organization - this is the mother of any MBA.
So, I am on the hunt for my next certification. Wish me luck!

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